Underdog Plotting Revenge / Elysium Gallery Swansea

Arts Council of Wales Funded Show at Elysium Gallery


Based on stills from the 1990 Finnish-Swedish film The Match Factory Girl by Aki Kaurismaki, Davies’s paintings articulate the beauty in the mundane aspects of everyday living as depicted in the movie.


The exhibition, like the film, uses the heroine as the conduit to deliver the narrative. In the movie she drifts along as a passive victim until she takes what could be seen as a comical futile revenge on her family. This pointless act sparked the artists interest in delving deeper into the narrative and visual representations of the movie. Painted stills of hands express the irony of finding drama in the mundane. The films claustrophobic domestic scenes are frozen in time and cropped to reveal a sense of detachment as the meaning is left open to interpretation.


Inspired by the films intention to slow down the process of looking, Davies attempts to slow down the gaze even further with a method of re-cropping snapshots of the film in order to create a more considered process of painting.